Lectures and courses in China

Our lectures in China are in collaboration with Valentina Stellino and Sun Meng, both teachers and photographers. The teaching languages are Mandarin Chinese and English.

We’re very proud of this on-going series of lectures and workshops, as they are especially designed for their audience.

A common problem with western teachers teaching in China is that they expect the minds of the audience to be similar to what they’re used to back home. However, the Chinese way of looking both at the world as well as art and design, is very different from other countries. In order to reach mutual understanding with a Chinese art student, a lot if adjustments have to be made to the teaching material. Thanks to our personal experience with the Chinese education system and the expertise of teacher and photographer Sun Meng, we are able to successfully do so. Our lectures are highly appreciated both by our students and supervisors!

During our latest lectures in November 2019 in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, we talked about the dialogue between artistic photography and graphic design, the making of conceptual book projects with the help of photography, and intimacy in photography.