Let’s have a look at your project!

Stubin can help you with a variety of things. Here is a list of our packages to make things a bit clearer of what we offer.


Book Package 1: Cover art
(Cover artwork, no design, no typography)

Book Package 2: Entire cover

(Cover artwork, typography)

Book Package 3: Standard novel inlay

(Standard novel inlay design, typography)

Book Package 4: Entire standard novel

(Cover artwork, cover typography, standard inlay design, inlay typography)

Book Package 5: School book package

(Cover artwork, cover typography, advanced inlay design, inlay typography, illustrations, infographics)


Magazine Package 1: Cover art

(Cover artwork, no design, no typography)

Magazine Package 2: Entire cover

(Cover art, design, typography)

Magazine Package 3: Inlay

(Layout, typography)

Magazine Package 4: Entire magazine

(Entire cover, entire inlay)

Visual Identity

Visual Identity Package 1: Basic logo

(Logo design)

Visual Identity Package 2: Advanced logo

(Logo design, logo branding manual)

Visual Identity Package 3: Entire branding

(Logo design, brand design, entire branding manual, website design & building, Instagram content planning, customized company products)

Visual Identity Package 4: Package design

(Pattern, illustration or photograph, package design, typography)

Visual Identity Package 4: Music album design

(Album or single cover art, design, typography, Instagram promotion material)


Poster Package 1: Poster artwork

(Illustration, pattern, photograph or collage, no design, no typography)

Poster Package 2: Entire poster

(Poster artwork, poster design, typography)

Poster Package 3: Entire poster + online

(Poster artwork, design, typography, instagram posts, instagram stories, facebook banner)


Infographics Package

(Professional infographics in different styles)

Workshops Package

(Workshops or lectures to motivate/introduce your students/employees to visual thinking/specific themes. Read more about our workshops in China here.)

Feel free to contact us anytime. We would love to have a chat with you and answer any questions you might have! Our packages can always be customized according to your needs.


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